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Are you a church with printing needs but a limited budget?
Then this Print Club is for you!

We know that printing prices can add up, and before you know it, thousands and thousands of dollars can be spent every single year.

With events like Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day, VBS, and many more throughout the year that your church hosts, publications, invitations, postcards, etc. must be printed to spread the word of your event to people around your community.

Now these invitations all come with a price, but it is a price that must be budgeted for.

It is for that reason that we have created the ProChurch Print Club!

With the ProChurch Print Club, you can save hundreds, even thousands on your printing needs over the year.

And by signing up today we have some AMAZING exclusive bonuses for you.

But before we tell you about these bonus offers, we have to tell you that these exclusive bonuses will only be available for a very limited time, so make sure to sign up while this is still fresh in your mind!

So let's get to these exclusive bonuses!

Join today and get these 3 exclusive bonuses as well.

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Splash Software Account for 12 Months

Whether you're looking to simplify your church website, or build an event page to supplement your existing website, Splash can help you get the job done. This drag and drop page builder is both sleek and powerful, and will be the perfect supplement to any invitation!

Create a unique web page for each event, then you can send potential visitors to the page to RSVP for your event (so you can follow up with their contact information)... in only minutes (seriously.. we've timed it and you can have a full event page ready to go in just under 5 minutes)


a $240 value - FREE TODAY

As an exclusive offer for the Print Club, we are offering UNLIMITED PDF, JPG, and PNG downloads on all of our digital products absolutely free.

This exclusive bonus will give you unlimited download access to all of our sermon series, social media images, web banners, church logos, and any other digital products available on ProChurch!

Digital PDF, JPEG & PNG Downloads


a $240 value - FREE TODAY

5% Off ALL Printing

By joining the Print Club today, you will get a 5% discount on ALL printing that you do with ProChurch. This exclusive offer has no maximum bonus offer. This offer will be automatically applied to all orders so it will be stackable with any other promo codes you may have.

You can save hundreds this year just with this exclusive bonus... paying for the price of the print club just with this alone!


a $200 value - FREE TODAY

12 Months of the Print Club = $197
12 Months of ProChurch Splash = $240
5% off ALL printing with = $200
FREE unlimited digital downloads = $240
Print Club Retail Value = $877
Today's Price = $97





100% Money Back Guarantee!

Your investment is protected by our 60-Day "Free Look" Policy. Here's how it works: You have a full 60 days to preview the Print Club. If you decide during that time that our Print Club is not right for you, just let us know and you'll be issued a full and prompt questions asked. In short, you get a great return on your investment, or you get your money back. It's that simple...


Can I stack my Print Credits if I don't use one in the month?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to stack your print credits. Each month, you will receive a new print credit that will expire at the end of the month.

Can I cancel my Print Club membership at any time?

Yes! This is a non-commitment membership that you can cancel at any time. Once cancelled, you will lose all Print Club benefits.

How will the additional 5% off my print order work?

The additional 5% will be automatically added to every order you place once you are part of the print club

Will my 5% off printing stack with my $25 print credit?

Absolutely! Your 5% off will stack with any promo code you may have

What am I going to do with all of the extra money that I am going to save on printing with the print club?

We're not sure, but here are some ideas:

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  • Bump the youth pastor up to minimum wage
  • Upgrade your coffee machine
  • Take the church staff out for lunch
  • Buy one of those swanky glass pulpits

Is this a subscription, or one-time fee?

The Print Club is an annual subscription of $97.

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